Titan7 Forged Wheels

Titan7 Forged wheels now available at shopwett.com!


What wheels are those? What happened to your old wheels? Are your old wheels for sale? ‘I didn’t even notice.’


These were the questions I’ve been bombarded with over the past few months. So, today let's get into answering these and talking about what happened and what’s going on…


To start this off, these are different wheels than what you are used to seeing on my car previously. We are proud to announce that shopwett is now an Authorized Dealer of Titan7 wheels! So, it’s only right we got a set for the car. Why you may ask? Well, that requires us to get a quick rundown of Titan7 and what their product is.


Titan7 is a wheel manufacturer specializing in Forged wheels at a palatable price. Their motto is ‘Forged for All’ as their goal is to get quality wheels in the hands of consumers, enthusiasts, and especially track junkies who need the strongest stuff available. Talking about the strength, Titan7 produces wheels with an industry leading 10,000 tons of pressure. So you are not getting a ‘quality’ wheel for the price, you are getting the best stuff out there at an unbelievable price point. This is where Titan7 really shines, serving the track community with wheels that don’t cost 8k or 10k, but aren’t compromised in strength when purchasing a wheel that doesn’t cost as much (such as cast wheels). These wheels are fully forged just like the $8,000 or $10,000 set that we’re used to seeing, and are likely stronger as well.

So, why’d we get a set? Simple. Track time. As we shift our focus on track specific events, we need to set the car up to succeed. We downsized from our 19” street wheels in favor of some 18” wheels from Titan7, so we can drop some wheel weight and fit some meatier R Compound tires for track duty. The first time out on the track with the Titan7 wheels and with the car set up for the track, was nothing short of phenomenal. It is pretty amazing how different the car feels with the slight adjustments we made. Those adjustments consisted of raising the car slightly for extra fender clearance, soften up the Rebound a few clicks away from Max-Stiffness, toss the new wheels and meatier tires on, and finish up with an alignment to make sure everything is in order. Wow. The confidence I now have in the car far supersedes how I felt with the car before. Now, that can partly be because of all the seat time we had and being able to really push to the limits without any penalties or risk, like there is on the street or mountains (please drive responsibly regardless).


So, What’s up with these Titan7’s then?

Specs we went with:

  • 18x10 Square.
  • 275/35/18 NT01 Tires
  • Each wheel weighs only 18.6 lbs.


For those that are new to this, here’s a more digestible explanation.

  • Diameter of the wheels are 18”
  • Width is 10”
  • Square means it is the same size and spec on each corner of the car, it is NOT a staggered set up like from the factory.
  • Tire width is a 275 section
  • Tire Aspect ratio is 35
  • Tire will mate to a 18” wheel


All Titan7 Wheels come with knurled beads to keep the tire from moving on the wheel under hard braking. Spoke tracers for extra stiffness. This is a no-compromise wheel company.


So, what happened to the other wheels? Are they damaged? If not, are they for sale?

Those are tucked away in the garage currently, not for sale. We’ll cycle based on what events are coming up or how we’re feeling that specific week :)


So, would we recommend these Titan7 wheels? Well, of course we would. Otherwise we would not offer it on our site to you. If your car is going to see track time, this is a must. And even if you are casually looking for wheels to run everyday, these are a game changer. Strength, styling, price point. It really can’t get better than this. Enjoy, and we’ll see you rolling around on the good stuff soon.

-SW Team

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