Nankang AR-1 v2 Tires

Nankang AR-1 v2 Tires

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The Revised Nankang AR-1 Tire has arrived! This is an improved version of the initial AR-1 version 1, now labeled as the version 2 (v2). The AR-1 is a faster, more refined track tyre, aimed at the track enthusiast who is hunting lap times. With only one compound option and with all tyres being produced with 5.5mm tread depth, the AR-1 is positioning itself in amongst the greats of the track tyre market.

  • Optimum operating window 71-104 degrees celsius
  • Optimum camber settings between -1.0 to -3.0 degrees

HOT Pressure Settings:

  • [23 - 27.5] psi for cars LESS than 1760 lbs
  • [24 - 32] psi for cars 1760 lbs - 2200 lbs
  • [27.5 - 37] psi for cars 2200 lbs - 3080 lbs
  • [34 - 42] psi for cars OVER 3080 lbs
  • <800kg  23 - 27.5psi
  • 800-1000kg  24 - 32psi
  • 1,000-1,400kg  27.5 - 37psi
  • 1,400kg>  34 - 42psi

COLD Pressure Settings

As above but use the highest stated figures by weight for your cold pressures. For example <800kg use 27.5 psi and work your way down after warm up laps.

Road Pressure Settings:

Use the car manufacturers guidelines.

When fitting, the yellow dot is the lightest part of the tyre so should be aligned with the valve stem on both aluminium and steel wheels to ensure that it is well balanced.

If you are having handling issues, please see the table below which may resolve your issue, remember to do this in small increments at a time.

To reduce Over steer
Reduce rear pressures or increase front pressures
To increase Over steer
Increase rear pressures or reduce front pressures
To reduce Under steer
Reduce front pressures or increase rear pressures
To increase Under steer
Increase front pressures or reduce rear pressures


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