RTD Shifter for E9x M3
RTD Shifter for E9x M3

RTD Shifter for E9x M3

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We are proud to welcome the arrival of the RTD V4 Carbon Shifter! This is a Non-Locking Shifter.

  • The RTD Shifter has an Integrated Solid Torsion Spring that Self-Centers the Lever and provides a great feedback when changing gears.
  • All Aluminum Parts are turned and milled from Billet Alumec 89 Alloy Which is harder than Alu 7075.
  • All our BMW Short Shifter kits has a  Pivoting Joint in the area where it links to the DSSR allowing flexible throws while shifting gears (Example from 2nd to 3rd… etc)
  • Real Carbon Fiber Sleeved Shaft.
  • Premium Bronze Bushing material used instead of a Teflon Bushing, Insuring a Longer Life Time.
  • Stainless Steel 304 Grade welded Base (Compact Shape) providing more rigidity.
  • DSSR (Double Shear Selector Rod) DSSR price is included!
  • Note: If you need an extra knob please choose from here.

Delivery: RTD BMW-V4 Carbon Shifter completely assembled and packed with the DSSR required depending on your selected transmission type (With pins & clips that replaces OEM Clips of the OEM selector rod), it also Comes with all Fasteners Required to fit the Shifter into the tunnel.

Full One Year Warranty from the delivery date!

This kit does not include a shift boot. Shifter and DSSR is included.

This kit does not require any Trimming of the center console, nor does it require any drilling of the tunnel!